Saturday, 15 December 2012

All you need is love...

As we all know, there are some ludicrously talented people out there. I'm lucky enough to read some of what these people write, and feel it's time that I try to share their work with anyone who reads this blog.

So without further ado:

Future Retro Gamer

A fantastic site, jam packed with news, reviews and blogs. The content is written by supremely talented people and I'd urge anyone with an interest in gaming, old or current to pay them a visit.

Australian Retro Gamer

Written by the retro gaming legend from down under, if you want quality content on a plethora of systems then this is the place to be!

Retro 101

Newly relaunched and ready to rock: 

"A new website and a host of new designs are giving Retro 101 a much needed shake up. The website is now much more flexible and allows articles to be published much more quickly and thus give you that nostalgic buzz more often. A host of new graphics created by talented young designers have also added a much needed identity for us."

Kimimi's blog

Right now, my number one source for the more obscure video game...she has taught me much (including how to run on Boku no Natsuyasumi!). Get yourself over there to see something new.

Retro Games Collector

Showcasing the very best in gaming collections, and providing quality, practical advice about retro systems. One of my favourite sites.


SHMUP legend, arcade legend and now I find out; fighting game legend! Plus, all round top bloke.

Quite Cross

Another all round top man, has a very enviable games collection and has been known to write poetry...about cricket!

Tinpot Gamer

A slice of what's nice! Lots of well written reviews on a wide range of video games.

Gaming Hell

Ah, Gaming Hell. This site is that good, it actually makes me want to play Pit Fighter over and over again just so I don't get into heaven! Astutely run by the long suffering 'Ed the Editor', anyone who enjoys video games should visit at least once!

Visit the site

Level Up Gaming

One of my favourite sites to call on for well written and thought provoking articles. Articles are written by a number of contributors so the style never gets too familiar.

Bigman Runs

The thoughts of a big man...who runs. Our good friend, Jay McNeill and his musings on various issues.

Visit the site

Nerds Review is the completely unnecessary blog devoted to reviews by nerds and for nerds. 'Nuff said really.

Visit the site

Gamer Spy

Articles written by our very own Blanka fiend...always worth a look!

So there we are. The next time you're wandering the internet and looking for somewhere to go, stop off at one of these fantastic haunts and say hello! 

And is all you need.

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