Thursday, 24 November 2011

A change of pace...

Chicks dig...ocarinas?
Ever since the heady days of my youth when I first heard the magical, jingly melody of Bubble Bobble on the Commodore 64, I've had a deep seated love of video game music. From the epic to the chilled, these days my iPod is overflowing with music from some of the industry's most gifted composers, and there aren't many days go by without me having a little listen to the likes of Kondo, Mitsuda and Uematsu.

As this is music that I genuinely enjoy listening to, I thought I'd share some of the more downtempo examples with anyone and everyone who visits Crystal Blue Dreams.

Below is my first and (to this day) favourite playlist, first created in 2007. It is very RPG heavy but that's because RPGs tend to have the best relaxing music...and for those not fond of the genre, there are some non role playing bits and bobs knocking about in there too.

Anyways, here is the complete track listing, and for anyone who's interested in having a listen, the download link can be found below.

VGM Unwinding Vol I: Original and Best
  1. The Prelude - Final Fantasy IX OST
  2. Theme of Crysta - Terranigma OST
  3. Kakariko Village - The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Symphony 
  4. Holding my Thoughts in my Heart - Final Fantasy VII OST 
  5. Reminiscence - Genso Suikoden Music Collection: Produced by Hiroyuki Namba
  6. Another Gardov - Chrono Cross OST 
  7. Shattering the Egg of Dreams - Xenogears Light: An Arranged Album 
  8. 600 AD (Chrono Trigger) - OC Remix
  9. Descendent of Shinobi - Final Fantasy VII Piano Collection
  10. Orrizonte – Genso Suikoden II Music Collection: Orrizonte
  11. In the Earthen Womb - Illusion of Gaia OSV
  12. Because I Love You (Mother 2) - Orchestral Game Concert Part 1 
  13. Radical Dreamers (Chrono Cross) - Eminence Symphony Orchestra: Passion 
  14. Theme of Celes - Final Fantasy Potion: Relaxin' with Final Fantasy
  15. The Sandy Beach of Ganbo - Grandia OST
  16. Theme of Evergreen - Terranigma OST
  17. Stickerbrush Symphony - Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest OSV 
  18. Torvus Clockwork (Metroid Prime 2: Echoes) - OC Remix 
  19. Maian Tears - Perfect Dark OSV
  20. Faraway Promise - Xenogears OST
  21. My Lady's Sigh - Genso Suikoden II OST
  22. The Place I'll Return to Someday/Melodies of Life - Final Fantasy More Friends: Music from Final Fantasy
  23. Village Theme - SimCity OSV
  24. Fisherman's Horizon - Final Fantasy VIII: Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec
  25. Theme of Final Fantasy - Final Fantasy: 1987 - 1994
I own physical and official copies of all albums/games this music was taken from 

Download VGM Unwinding Vol I: Original and Best

I'm probably going to post a few more of these playlists over the coming weeks, and if they prove popular enough then I'll make sharing them a regular feature on the site.

Also, if there are enough requests, I'll definitely consider suggested playlists.

Happy listening!


  1. Nice list sir, I too am a big fan of videogame music. I do the odd post about the subject myself :)

    I think I have somewhere in the region of 30,000 tracks on my HD - mostly complete soundtracks for systems from C64 and Master System right up to the last generation.

    My phone/MP3 player is also full of a wide variety of game music. I've probably got most of the OST's you mention above so I'll have a listen! :P

  2. Great to find someone else who shares the love mate! I'll be sure to check out your posts on the subject...I love finding new stuff or rediscovering those I've forgotten about.

    What would you say your top 3 gaming OSTs are?

  3. Haha, any day you ask me that you'd probably get a different answer! I might be able to give a Top 3 for each system... What's your Top 3?

  4. Yeah I know that feeling often depends on what I've been playing to be honest!

    I'd say the three that still stand out the most for me are:

    Chrono Cross
    Suikoden II

    Although as soon as I typed those three out I could hear Secret of Mana, Xenogears and FFVI screaming to be picked!

    How's about top 3 SNES??

  5. funny how listening to some of those music really give me an sense of urge to play it again.... nice compilation man!

    1. Thanks man!!

      I know the feeling very well, there has been many a re-play of a game just from listening to the OST.