Thursday, 25 April 2013

SFC box art number 8: Dolucky's Grass Baseball

Full name: Dorakkii no Kusayakiu
Genre: Sports
Developer: Zoom
Publisher: Imagineer
First released: 1993

Ok here's the thing, I like cute stuff. Doraemon, Keroppi, Moogles...I have a real soft spot for them all. So you can imagine the first time I saw this little round ball of fur stepping up to bat, I was smitten! Dolucky's Grass Baseball is a typical Japanese baseball title, with a RPG style career mode and the ability to challenge your friends to multi-player antics.

The game features developer Zoom's mascot; NECO as the main character, and sees him and his equally adorable friends from the forest don their soft drink sponsored baseball kits and play some ball (I think that's the correct term). I'm not sure where this one sits in the pantheon of great baseball games, but I certainly had lots of fun with it.

I absolutely adore this artwork! From the charming font right down to NECO's comedy sized feet and stuck out tongue, this box art just screams fun. And I would imagine that most other fans of cutesy Japanese characters will be in kawaii heaven with the vibrant and colourful images that adorn the entire box (and if you think that's cute, then just wait till you see the manual).  

I'll be honest, being English I have no idea about baseball (rules, teams etc), and I did buy this game solely for the artwork, but I was pleasantly surprised at just how much of a grin it was and how much effort Zoom seemed to put into it...especially the characters. This makes it even more of a shame that the scheduled US release of Doluck'y Grass Baseball (which was to be renamed Zoo Ball) ended up getting cancelled.

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